April 8, 2020

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Preaching the Santity of Human Life and the Gospel Message

Gas explosion in Lagos Nigeria: How Rev. Sr. Dr. Henrietta SSH died

The students of Bethlehem school just finished Eucharistic celebration in the Sunday morning of 15/3/2020. She had led the students out to the Hostel during the explosion.

Sr Henrietta could not see two of the students so she went in search of them. She was told to come back but she preferred to take the risk to save the missing two.

Suddenly the two students were running to join the other students but when Sister tried to make her way back to the Hostel the building collapse on her with a cut on her head.

Some students who sustained injuries was a result of the rush to escape. They are being taken care of. To the glory of God NONE OF THE STUDENTS DIED. The sister rescued them with her life. The priest and the other Sisters are fine to the glory of God!

Sr. Henrietta died in the course of her duty by sacrificing her life for the two students. It could have been worse!
We pray for her and those who lost their lives in the inferno.

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