O My God, I Desire Strongly To Please you

O my God, I strongly desire to live only for you. To please you till my dying breath. I offer my entire self to thee; body, soul and spirit. That I may be a sweet smelling offering to you, and glorify you in my every step, words, and actions.

O holy Mary, mould me into a perfect being, that my very existence may bring glory to my God and saviour.

May the whole world see you my God when they look at me. May my words and action remind the world of your holy and never-dying presence. Fill me with your wisdom and grace, that every word, thought, action and feeling of mine may gladden your sacred heart. My Jesus, I love you sincerely. And my heart burns passionately with a fervent desire to please you.

Continue to fill me with your holy spirit that I may be made strong, and preserved by your holy grace.  Amen.

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