Our God is a God Of Miracles

He does not care about time or season, nor does He care about formalities and due process. He behaves as He pleases. He answers to no one

Our God is a God of miracles. He does not care about time or season, nor does He care about formalities and due process. He behaves as He pleases. He answers to no one. Although we His children are bound by certain due processes; such as reading to pass, or being smart and experienced to get jobs, God does things as He pleases, with no care about whether due process has been followed.

When God decides to bless His children, He doesn’t care about irrelevant things as protocols. He Himself is nature, He is destiny, and He is everything put together. He is above everything, and is subject to nothing. Although He is just, He behaves as He pleases and no one can question Him. If the whole world comes together today and agrees that a man should die, God can decide by Himself that the same man must live a hundred years more. If interviewers decide to employ only those with specific traits, God can make it so that they accept the exact opposite.

So stop being worried about irrelevant things and start trusting God more. As long as your hands are clean and you remain true to Him, He’ll make your troubles His troubles. You’re His child. As long as you accept this, He’ll accept responsibility for you.

We’re all God’s children. When you go out today, look around you. Look at everyone around you and understand that each and every person is God’s creation. We are all God’s children. We all have different traits; different characters, different weaknesses, different flaws, some have been unfortunate and have lost their souls, but when you see them, be sad and pray for them. We are all God’s children. And God’s cares about each and every one of us.

No matter how evil you are, God thinks about you. Just come to Him and He’ll take care of you. You cannot receive the benefits of being a man’s child when you have disowned him. In the same way, you cannot expect to receive the benefits of a prince when you constantly insult and humiliate the king.

Allow God to reign as king in your life and you’ll start experiencing wonders and testimonies. God is great and mighty. He really is a miraculous God, and He cares for His children even better than  any mother would care for Her child.

You should however love Him for who He really is, and not for the goodies you think you’ll get, because motive matters a lot. God looks at our heart and our intentions. These are the things that matter to Him.



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