God Loves You More Than You Know

God thinks about you. Every single day, His eyes are on you to know what is going on with you. You are special to Him. Thousands of years ago, you were one of the reasons He decided to let go of His son to come and die. You are the reason He swore not to destroy earth in spite of the calamities that occur here. You’re precious to Him. God wants you to know that He’s sad whenever you are sad, and when you’re joyful, He rejoices with you. Although you hardly understand the things going on around you, God understands. He knows that you’ll be fine eventually. And this route which you are passing through now, is the only route to that place He wants you to get to.

As long as you think about God, God thinks about you. As long as you make His issues your own, He supports and guides you. The Lord will never forsake His children. Everything that happens to you is good for you. God allows it, therefore it is good. If you prayed, and answers did not come, it is because it’s not time yet. God will bless you abundantly. Pray for the grace to achieve success to your fullest potential. God gave us talents. Pray for the grace to fully maximise it so it doesn’t go to waste. You’re precious. Don’t let ignorance make you waste away. Whatever you want, talk to God about it. He loves you.

Often times, we forget how precious we are in God’s eyes. We think there’s a formula or a protocol for gaining God’s blessings, we think that we have not prayed well. Or we have not prayed hard enough. Think of someone who loves you sincerely, be it your mother, father, or spouse, think hard about how fond of you that person is; or better still, think hard about a person you love. Meditate on the extent of your love for such a person. Now, if the person you love comes to you asking for a favor, would you spend time analyzing the manner in which the person asked, would you analyse the way the person kept his mouth when asking, would you remember that the person didn’t convince you enough? Would you not as soon as you even sense that such a person is uncomfortable, eagerly give what he asked for? The only time you wouldn’t give him what he wants is only if you can’t be of help. But God is God. He is supreme and in control of everything, so there’s nothing He cannot do. The only second reason you wouldn’t give the person you love what he asks for is if you know that such a thing is not good for him at that point. And because you love him, you would not give him something that is not good for him. This also applies with God. He would not give you poison just because you asked for it. God only gives beautiful gifts. He only gives gifts of love.

Most times, God wants to give us beautiful gifts; but just like roses, you don’t just pluck out the flowers without getting wounded by the thorns. You have to toil, and you climb uphill, grazing your feet on rocky stones. But in the end, the joy we experience from the gift God gives us surpasses the pain we went through to get there. In fact, God helps us forget the painful experiences such that when we look back, we laugh in satisfaction. It is this way because a child only becomes spoilt, and hardly values precious gifts when they are given to him on a platter. Giving gold to a child who has not gotten rid of his bad habits and vices, is like giving gold to an ignorant animal. He throws it away because he hardly understands how valuable it is. So certain experiences, although bitter, further mold us into perfection. They mold us into that which God wants us to be. These painful experiences mold and prepare us for greater responsibilities which lie ahead. God thinks about you. God loves you. It is insulting, degrading and painful to doubt God’s love and faithfulness to you. In short, it is a sin. We need to be more grateful of God’s undying love for us.

So this is how it is with God. The devil puts false beliefs and burdens in our hearts so that we freak out over little things. The devil wants us to believe that God is unreachable, or that there are numerous protocols to reach Him. The only protocol to reaching God is learning to love Him. Once you are in love with God, every other thing falls into place. You become worthy of standing before Him, you become united with him, you begin to enjoy His grace. Just love Him like your spouse. Learn about God by reading about Him, it’ll be easier to fall in love with Him that way. Once you understand God, you’ll be less afraid of irrelevant things and you’ll learn to trust Him with all your heart.

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