God has not stopped showing mercy


ON 20 November this year, the Church closed the door of mercy which was the vision statement of Pope Francis at the beginning of liturgical year calendar last year.

He made this movement to grant so many privileges to certain things that were obviously locked and neglected.

To this effect, many chained cases got freedom and were liberated.

It was on 3rd April, 2016, that a deacon who has stayed for 19 years and the other 14years respectively were ordained Catholic priests. This was a great praise to the people of Enugu, when the two Reverends were ordained priest in the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka.

Of course, there are so many issues like this that has lingered and was kept on the table for years, both on marriages, abuses or what is related to scandal but on the wisdom of the Church, since she teaches mercy, granted amnesty to very many who had been in captive.

Further to this, the interest of Church, is not to punish people, but to offer some measures that’d sound reasonable and mature. Since the mother scolds the child when he or she goes wrong, the Church also adopt the same procedure to regulate certain activities that’s not of the teachings and doctrines of the Church.

I’ve of recent read so many write ups and peoples’ comment on the closing of the “mercy door”. It is crystal clear that much people misunderstood what the Church means by that.

However, it simply means that the Pope has a new vision statement of which it’d be inaugurated as the Church begins her new liturgical year tomorrow.

The closing of the year of mercy doesn’t signify the end of mercy. God has been a merciful God and would continue to be. His mercy is not limited to space and time. It’s an ongoing work of God administered to the people of God at its necessity. The door of mercy might be closed but God’s merciful door is still wide open. Don’t panic about what we say or what you’ve heard.

The mercy of God is unfathomable.

Blessed are the merciful for they shall have

mercy shown upon them!

Have a good Evening!


-Princewell Okwuoha.

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