Life is often a struggle between two ways. The struggle begins when we fail to understand that, the other way less traveled is the best way.

I have on some occasions driven through very smooth roads for some reasonable kilometers only to be left with the choice of turning back to follow the other rough roads which eventually led to my destination.

Why should a sensible tenant keep the good landlord waiting endlessly at the door? Why should a sick and ignorant patient argue with a reasonable and qualified medical doctor with relation to proper and adequate medication requisite for his or her recuperation?

How often we struggle with God for supremacy. How often we prefer our ways to God’s ways and our thoughts to God’s thoughts. ‘Thy will be done’ a hearted expression we often find difficult to make.

‘Have thine own way Lord’ one beautiful song of Jim Reeves we should listen to and pray to understand its lyrics. God is the potter and we are the clay. O that we may let Him mould and fashion us to His divine liking and purpose!


Fr. Abiagom…

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