Few days ago, I picked up a pithy profile of St. Francis of Assisi. It was my first time to have a glance on his life story. One doubt that I got cleared, was that he never became a priest. Another again that had me surprised, was he’s the patron Saint for animals and environment. What an extraordinary way of making a history.

Your life as an individual, should be lived in a distinguished manner. Make every effort to create your own history through being significant. When you mimic other’s footsteps, you tend to fail, because they aren’t your destiny and fortune. You need to upgrade your life by doing something very small with love. St. Francis, never imagined that the love he had for those animals would make him more distinctive.

When you trade the stories that made St. Francis what he is today, you’d come to understand that he lived a poor life, irrespective of his father’s wealth and affluence. His sacrifices to the things of God, is immeasurable. It was told that he went to a length he had to sell his properties and helped in building a perfect home for God. His storylines were all decorated with great love for religious life. Although he wasn’t a priest, but he had sown peace where there’s confusion. He brought love where hatred was inherent. He was very eager to serve others, because he believed that the only way to bring peace and love, is to live a life of service.

St. Francis was exceptional. You can become too different from others, by investing on what would be a bounty of resources to other’s life. You can start having love for cleanliness by making everywhere you are, look simply smart. Be not the one who’d rather plant progress than inducing backwardness and recession. Just be a light to guide and direct others who are gradually fading off from desire for service, love and peace.

Happy feast of my patron Saint.

-Princewell Okwuoha.



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