We seldom remember Heaven often preoccupied with the passing things of earth. When last did I think of the dwelling place which Christ has gone to prepare for us?

What is Heaven? A woman shared her experience of Heaven with me. She was critically ill and past on following her narration. She found herself on a lonely path from which she could gaze clearly at what she described as a beautiful vast flower garden sparkling with an amazing refulgence of glory beyond comprehension. When I behold a beautiful garden, I concieve the perfection of love, peace, joy and beauty. When I hear the singing of solemn worship to the praise of God, the glorious splendor of His reign comes to my mind.

Heaven! Heaven! Heaven! Home of perfect love, peace, joy, beauty, worship and praise of the Lamb who sits upon the throne.

Remember Heaven today! Life on earth is a passing phase.

May God help us not to be so engrossed with the things of earth as to forget Heaven; home sweet home.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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