The Most Holy Name Of Jesus

The feast of the most holy name of Jesus reminds us that God is not only powerful but his name too is filled with power. God does not need to come down to earth to work wonders. All we need do is call out His holy name and all knees shall bow. All powers shall confess that Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is Lord over all the earth. He is Lord over the seas and the heavens. Jesus is Lord of the entire universe.

The holiness of Jesus is not something the mind can fully understand. He is so powerful yet so humble and forgiving. He is so great that everyone and everything affiliated with Him becomes great. Look at Paul; when he was still Saul, he fought with all his might. Fought with swords, fought with lies and all other dishonest means. But as soon as he got to know and accept Jesus, he became great. His mere presence evoked great miracles. Even his handkerchief evoked healing. All through the power of Jesus whom he believed in.

Everything and everyone affiliated with Jesus is great. All true Christians are great by the power of Jesus.  The name of Jesus, although just a five-letter word carries immense greatness and power. Power so great the devil flees at the mention of that name.

Invoke the name of Jesus in times of trouble. Invoke the name of His Blessed Mother always. When you call on Jesus, he might delay for one reason or another, but when you call on the blessed virgin, he quickly reacts. The name of the blessed Virgin is a song to the ears of God. He delights in attending to the needs of his beloved mother. So find your way into her immaculate heart that you may fully experience God’s greatness.

In respect and complete reverence to God, kindly genuflect or bow when the name of Jesus is mentioned. Not adhering to this isn’t necessarily a sin; however, adhering to this shows an extra effort at revering the king of kings.

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