God is our Father and He has never ceased to commune and communicate with us His children. In different ways he spoke and continues to speak to us His children. The Word of God contained in the Holy Scripture remains one of the most essential means through which God communicates with us. The Holy Scripture, together with the Church’s Tradition, exposes us to the rich deposit of our faith. In the Holy Scripture, we not only have a glimpse of who God is; we also discover how close God has been to us, what God wants us to do and who He wants to be and the route to reach where God is; where He wants us to be also.

One of the demeaning attitudes towards the Word of God in our time is that of indifference. Some people feel unconcerned about what the Word of God communicates to us in the different spheres of our lives. This is because of the many modern approaches to the Holy Scripture which does not stop at negating the divine origin of Scripture but also goes further to treat it as mere literature; devoid of every spiritual background. Saint Paul reminds us today in the Second Reading (2 Tim 3:14-4:2) “all scripture is inspired by God and can profitably be used for teaching, for refuting error, for guiding people’s lives and teaching them to be holy.” Most of the problems we face in the world today is that many people have failed to follow the guiding path of the light of Scripture both in economic, political, cultural and even in the religious settings. Most of these can be traced back to the fact that varied styles of interpretation of Scripture have come up; some of which disrobe the Holy Bible of every spiritual character; classifying it as a collection of myth and legends or as an ordinary work of literature.

The Word of God has its origin in God (2 Pet 1:21) and because its origin is Life itself and the Source of all life, the Word of God is alive and active (Heb 4:12). Hence the Word of God brings life to all who receive it and lead them through actions that will surely bring them to its origin (John 1:1-5). This Word has not lost its power! It remains as efficacious as ever because God, its origin, is the source of every efficacy. It was through this same Word that Moses received the secret of the success of the battle in the First Reading of today (Exodus 17:8-13). This same Word assures us of the promises of God to bring justice to God’s children (Luke 18:1-8).

Of all these; “when the Son of Man comes, will he find any faith on earth?” Our faith in God’s Word, in the Holy Scripture, is what opens up to us the inestimable treasures of the Logos; the Word made Flesh. Do you still believe in the power of God’s word? Are you carried away by some of the deceptive theories that demean the Word of God?
May the power in the Word of God edify, strengthen and vivify every aspect of your being now and always; Amen. Happy Sunday;

-Fr Cyril Unachukwu


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