BY: Fr. Clement. C. Aladi.



I warmly welcome you to the second sunday of the Lenten experience with the Lord. hope you are making progress in the struggle?. We need to persevere to the end, don’t give up, be faithful, be persistent, be committed.

The Lenten spiritual exercise, is geared towards an interior renewal and transformation of the entire person. This is achievable only through the grace that we accumulate in the spiritual exercises as we Journey in this Lenten period. It is the power of God at work in each and every one of us. How do we cooperate with God to achieve this? We need faith. Faith here means believe in what you are doing in this season, believe in God whose friendship you seek, believe in yourself that you can achieve it by His grace, that you can be transformed again.

In the first reading from the book of Genesis, we saw the Faith of Abraham. Abraham has an unflinching and unwavering faith in God. That is why he was ready to do the unimaginable and the difficult. His blind obedience to God’s instruction to offer his only son is unbelievable. But that is what faith does in the life of a child of God. Abraham’s faith transformed him, making him the supreme model of faith in God’s promises and obedience to His Holy Will. That is why Paul recalls, in the second reading, that God the Father did not spare the life of His Own Son Jesus when he volunteered to die for our salvation, while He saved the life of Abraham’s son Isaac. Why? Because God loves us with an everlasting love. Do you have this kind of unquestionable trust in God who thinks good of us in every circumstance of life. Faith in God in our daily struggles, gradually transforms, strengthens and wins us unmerited favours from God. Therefore don’t give up on God for He never gives up on you.

The gospel reading narrates the transfiguration episode. That dramatic occurrence at the mountain top. That revelational and theophanic encounter that transformed the lives of the disciples and us too. The primary purpose of Jesus’ Transfiguration was to allow him to consult his Heavenly Father and ascertain His plan for His Son’s suffering, death and Resurrection. God’s secondary aim was to make Jesus’ chosen disciples aware of Jesus’ Divine glory, so that they might discard their worldly ambitions and dreams of a conquering political Messiah and might be strengthened in their time of trial. We may not be different from the disciples in our worldly ambitions and pursuits. These worldly ambitions that has led many of us into sin and untold harms. Each day in the Eucharist we experience God’s transforming power at the altar . We receive Jesus daily but instead of being transformed and renewed we remain unchanged because our minds and hearts are clouded with worldly ambitions. We need to be transformed into the likeness of whom we receive at the altar.

Holy Mass is the source of our strength: In each Holy Mass, the bread and wine we offer on the altar are changed into the crucified and risen, living body and blood of Jesus by transubstantiation.Just as Jesus’ transfiguration strengthened the apostles in their time of trial, each holy Mass should be our source of Heavenly strength against temptations, and our renewal during Lent. Our Holy Communion with the living Jesus should be the source of our daily “transfiguration,” transforming our minds and hearts so that we may do more good by humble and selfless service to others.

In moments of doubt and during our dark moments of despair and hopelessness, the thought of our future transformation in Heaven will help us to reach out to God and to listen to His consoling words: “This is my beloved son.”

You may not have become who you want to be. You may not be happy with your present lifestyle. You may be struggling with a particular sin or sins. Don’t hate yourself for who you are. Don’t apportion blames on anyone for making you or influencing you to be who you wish not to be. Don’t blame life itself for being cruel or unfair. Behind every misfortune their is a fortune that will smile on you some day by your persistent effort to overcome what keeps you from becoming who you want to be. There lies within you the strength and the grace to rise beyond the limits of your present boundaries. God’s grace at work in you is unbounded. Work and walk daily with God and you will experience that complete transformation.

Let us offer our Lenten sacrifices to our Lord so that, through these practices of Lent and through the acceptance of our daily crosses, we may grow closer to him in his suffering, may share in the carrying of his cross and finally may share the glory of his resurrection.

I keep you and you family always in my prayers

Clement. C. Aladi.


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