HOMILY Theme: Untie him let him go

By: Fr. Justin Nzekwe

HOMILY: The power of life and death lies in the hands of God alone. He is the only one that can give life to our mortal bodies. God has the sole power to bind and unbind. This power he manifested at a time when the Israelites are in need of restoration, God gave a pragmatic prophecy through the prophet Ezekiel. He took Ezekiel in the spirit to a valley filled with bones, and ask him to prophesy to the bones that the dry bones may rise again. Ezekiel did and heard some rattling sounds. He saw the bones come together and wear flesh and muscles. And at the second instruction, he breathed life into them and they all came alive. That is exactly what the Lord would do to our humanity in a our state of hopelessness. He will restore life to our bones, even if we have dried up, even when we are scattered in the valley of despondency. The Lord would remember our relationship with him. He would refer to us as “His People”. He will open our graves. He will speak life unto us and he will breath life in us and cause us to live anew. And he will restore us to our homeland lost through sin and unfaithfulness. But we have a part to play if this restoration should be effective:

The second reading from the letter of St. Paul to the Romans reminds us of one of those part we have to play. We must let the Spirit of God dwell in our lives. When the spirit of God live in us, it implies that God would take charge of our being. We shall come to a state of grace and at that point, that same God that raise Jesus from the death will give life to our mortal bodies through his Spirit living in us.

Secondly, the gospel encourages us to profess our believe in Christ as the resurrection and the life. This is because, whoever believes in Christ, even if the person dies, would rise again. Martha professed this faith, as part of the condition Jesus requested for raising Lazarus from the dead.

When we believe in the capacity of God to do the most impossible of things, then God would locate our graves. Martha and Mary never understood this at first, Martha was talking about the final resurrection of the death, when Jesus was there with them and has all the powers. Only Jesus can untie you from your death and bondages. He called Lazarus on a loud voice to come out of the grave and command people to untie him. God can do the same in your life.

And lastly, a friendship with Jesus guarantees blessings from him. Mary won this friendship by repenting and weeping at the feet of Jesus. This friendship also extended to Martha and Lazarus. It was because of this friendship that made Jesus share in their sorrow, to the extent that he had to weep because of his friend Lazarus. There is nothing God cannot do for us when we win his friendship.

The period of lent is a time to win the friendship of Jesus. Let us reconcile with him at the confessional, and he with take our case personal, and our life will be a testimony and a means to manifest God’s name. He call us out of our grave , and untie us from our bondages to enable us enjoy the freedom of the children of God.

Peace be with you!

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