BY: Fr. Cyril Akindele Osadare

Isaiah 25:6-9;
Romans 5:5-11;
Matthew 11:25-30
In every organisation or society, either in a school setting or the family for instance, there is always someone who is approachable to help people out in times of need. Either it is an offence committed or it is a special request to be made. In the family, it is always the mother in most places that helps out especially when a child needs a favour from the Father or when she wants to shield the boy or girl from a grievous punishment of daddy. The mother is always in this position to do this because she can not afford to lose a child she carried for nine months, that she breastfeed for three years, the child that took away her shame from being regarded as barren, especially if he is a boy and the first- born. Funny enough, some fathers are even more merciful than their wives because they also can’t imagine their children suffering even though they look tough on the outside. It is like a producer, he will do all he can to save and protect his products.

This is the feeling we have today, this is our hope and our trust that those souls that Jesus suffered and died and resurrected for, he will do all he could to save them. Hence, we have the confidence to pray for the souls of our dead ones. God is always looking out to see how to recall back home his children who have gone astray. Even death cannot hinder the power of God to save. Our readings today is very clear that the initiative to save was not even ours but God’s. In the first reading, he prepared a feast for all to enjoy and will destroy all kinds of things that may cause people’s shame. We only need to participate in the feast. In the second reading, we are being reminded that while we were still sinners, Christ came to save us. That is why we are being invited in the gospel to receive mercy from God.

My dear friends, today is much more about the mercy and love of God that we hope so much in. We believe and trust in his power to save our brothers and sisters who might need some kind of final purification. There is nothing prayer cannot do and that is why we pray for them. We too who are alive must constantly seek for this mercy of God for ourselves too and make ourselves available to participate in the feast of God regularly here on earth do that at the end of time we all can rejoice in the heavenly banquet. May the Souls of the Faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.



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