Homily for Friday of 1st Week in Ordinary Time Cycle II

Theme: ‘Ihe onye cho k’o fu’ – THE CONSEQUENCE OF FREEDOM!
By: Ben Agbo (Rev Fr)
Homily for Friday January 14 2022
*1 Sam 8 : 4 – 22, Mk 2 : 1 – 12.
The only ‘fault’ I see in God, if any, is the excess respect he has for human freedom and choice. Sometimes, even when he knows we are asking for trouble, he permits it as long as we insist that that is what we want to do. Just look at the Isrealites asking Samuel for a king in a society that has thrived hitherto in a kind of theocracy with God as their king. God had no option than to tell Samuel to grant their request. Our people say: ‘Ihe onye cho k’ ofu’ – We often get what we have bargained for. But one thing was clear: that king was going to be their greatest trouble. He was gonno oppress them and make them slaves. The prophesy manifested and came to the climax at the reign of Solomon.
Similar things have happened in Nigeria – When we insist on choosing very ungodly leaders who have ravaged our economy and destroyed our path to National progress – Ihe onye cho k’o fu’. God is a respecter of our freedom. He knows that if we were not free to sin we would never be free to love. Why did God grant their request, one may ask, when he knows the consequence? A nation, like an individual, has a right to make mistakes and exercise her freedom if she will ever grow in responsibility. Freedom is the greatest risk God has decided to take in the creation of man. If we are not free to sin we cannot be fully human.
The next thing God had to do was to expand the horizon of his forgiveness. As we see in today’s gospel, this horizon is so large that God can forgive a man even as a result of the intercession of his friends. This is the case of the Paralytic brought to Jesus through the roof. The faith of his committee of friends was enough to grant him mercy from Jesus. God is democratic with his mercy. If monarchy and democracy have failed man, it has not failed God. He keeps listening to our voices, even when we request for nonsense. Yet, he remains our God overseeing that his will is preeminent. He has handed over his authority to forgive sins even to his Church, Matt 28 : 18 – 20, Jn 20 : 23 making everything easier. May God help us in Nigeria to use our freedom better in the next political dispensation. The Local government primary elections/ selections have started again in some States and we are not learning our lessons. It is still the business of one man selecting for the whole State. Ngwanu! ‘Ihe onye cho k’ofu! May God bless you today!


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