Homily for Friday of 2nd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle II (2)

Homily for Friday of 2nd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle II

Theme: He Appointed Twelve


Homily for Friday January 21 2022


In every organization, matters of appointment and promotion can be very delicate, complex, and competitive. Therefore, organisations and institutions provide clear guidelines for appointments and promotion to minimize the tussles and struggles that go with the exercise. Jesus did not set up any committee to assist in appointing the Apostles who were going to be his companions and successors. If there was a committee, the requirements would have been limited to human standards. Jesus adopted a different strategy. He prayed earnestly before he chose those who were to be with companions and helpers. Obviously, these were not perfect men. Among them was a tax collector, a zealot, a potential betrayer, and some fishermen. Jesus did not choose them for who they were, but for what he could make out of them. They were like raw materials waiting to be transformed. He was not looking for super brilliant or great scholars, but for people who would remain faithful to the end. None of the Apostles could boastfully say he was appointed because of his goodness, credentials, brilliance, nobility, merit, or power. For “No one takes this honour upon himself” (Hebrew 5:4). He appointed men who were willing to follow Him. To follow Jesus implies adopting his lifestyle. Just as Jesus called his disciples, God calls each of us and assigns us work. God is calling you to do something well; he is calling you to be something wonderful. We should constantly ask ourselves daily and in every situation of life: What is he calling me to do? What is he calling me to ? What is he calling me to be?

Mark 3:13-19 Friday of the Second Week


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