BY: Fr. Benny Tuazon

In the day’s Gospel, Jesus was approached by somebody to mediate between him and his brother regarding their inheritance. Jesus questioned the question and admitted it was not within His authority. But He took advantage of the situation to teach them about greed. He told them the story of a rich fool who wanted to assure his future by storing his harvests and anything he would need. When he thought he had enough so he can just eat, drink, and be merry for the rest of his life, God visited him and told him he was a fool for that night he will die and will not be able to benefit from everything he saved. We learn from the past. We prepare for the future. But we must live the present.

Tomorrow may never come. Whatever you can do today, do it, for you may never pass this way again.

I had a very rich friend who I know to be willing to spend on anything necessary whether for himself, his family, friends, and the needy. Asked him if he has saved for his future. He said he did but just enough. I asked him why? Is he not afraid that he will have not much for his future? He told me that the future is uncertain. Besides, if he saves too much, and he dies, his wife will marry another and new husband will be the one to spend what he saved! Very sensible!

I also met another rich man who nearly died of a heart attack. He survived without much damage to his senses. The near brush with death brought him to his senses. Suddenly, he became generous. He invited his whole family to a shopping spree. He booked a vacation for the family. He donated to the church. And he engaged in a project helping the malnourish and street children. To think that he was very thrifty before and would focused on saving everything for the future. He learned his lesson. He came to the realization that anytime he can go and would not have the chance to spend what he saved. Further, if he goes, will he be able to stand before God still holding his riches?

In a parish I served before, there were a lot of rich people who are members of LOI, Living On Interests. They have saved a lot of money from their businesses and retirement. They put their money in the bank and only use the interest. I asked them why were they content on interest alone? They had so much money that they can live a better life. They can even afford to do apostolate works. If they die, they will have no more control of their money. It will be up to the heirs. I suggested that while they are still alive, try to spend it the way God wanted them to. They owe it to God to be good stewards of the riches He had given to them.

Just a thought. The way many rich people are saving their money today, much of the world riches are left unused and stocked in banks. It is a disservice and against our duty as stewards to leave those riches unused. It is a waste! Hopefully, the day’s Gospel would wake us all up and be aware that life is contingent and we must do what we should here and now. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

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