THEME: Be merciful as you Work for Eternal Life ( Nwee obi ebere ka ina- agba ọsọ ndụ ebebe)

BY: Fr. Mayoolla Mulumba



Readings: R1: Amos.6:1. 4-7; Ps: 146:7-10, R2. I Tim 6:11-16; Gosp: Lk. 16:19-31.

Beloved Children of God, on this twenty sixth Sunday of ordinary timeYear C, the church calls us to be just and work for eternal life.
Hence, she encourages us to be dedicated and active in the “good fight of faith until the appearing of the Lord.”

All the readings of this Sunday are continuations of the readings of last Sunday. They center on ‘The day of God /God’s judgement’.(YOM YAHWEH) Most importantly, they point to the final end of the unjust, the triumph and comfort of the just and the poor.

In the first reading (Amos 6:1,4-7) the prophet Amos continues his treaty against the rich and influential of the society who oppress the weak and the poor. He pronounces God’s judgment on those who derive their joy and comfort from the miseries of the poor and the weak. This comfort will soon disappear as snow disappears. In order words, their time would soon be up. Their evil would be finally revealed and exposed because, “time reveals all things” (Tempus Omnia relevat) Thus, this would be indeed the triumph and comfort of the poor.

Through the second reading of this Sunday (1Tm.6:11-16), St. Paul is advising us that: “As a man dedicated to God…to fight a good fight of faith and to win for ourselves the eternal life to which we are being called…”(1Tm.6:12) This call to eternal life is for all.

However, only those who work for it with faith, patience, love, gentility, reverence for God and for others will get there. Only those who show mercy to the poor, the weak, and the just would be accepted into the bosom of Abraham. That is, the eternal kingdom, where “better things can be would be experienced.

Today’s gospel ( Lk 16:19-31) is unique in the sense that it touches a very important aspect of our Christian life and believe – the eschatology or the theology of the end of time.

First, it concerns the three very important last things: Death, judgment, and reward – heaven or hell (Heb. 9:27). Second, it reassures us of the Lord’s comfort to those who mourn now on earth, for He said, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted (Mt 5: 4).

The Gospel did not tell us that the Dives abused or drove Lazarus away and we were not told that Lazarus begged from him and he refused, we were only told he was feeding and clothing well. But as long as that poor man lay dying of deprivation at his feet and he did nothing and never noticed, HE WAS GUILTY! of the sin of omission. He thought to himself that whatever happens to anyone outside his gate doesn’t concern him.

A very important lesson from today’s gospel could therefore be captured in this popular adage: “Make hay while the sun shines.” In order words, we must pay heed to the instructions of the good news of salvation while there is still ample opportunity for us to do so. Excessive comfort, and display of affluence here on earth which does not impart positively on the life of others especially the poor, will not profit us much at the end of time. They will not guarantee our ticket into the “bosom of Abraham.”

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the word of God we hear every day. It calls us to use our earthly possession to help others- the poor, less privileged, the sick, the oppressed, those in miserable life, those imprisoned and weak. The true and wise disciple of Christ is the one who understands this Latin adage: “cotidiana vilescunt” (everyday, things lose their appeal or value). This is hundred percent true and sure. Things retain their value only by serving and helping the society from which they were derived.

So, being mindful of the fact that this world shall pass away helps us a lot to prepare for the eternal kingdom. Only those who are focused and not distracted by the excessive comfort of this world will easily notice and attend to the Christ in the “Lazarus” around them.


(1) At the end of time, there will be rewards and punishments. Daniel 12 :2-3 says Some will enter to eternal life while some to eternal condemnation.

(2) There will eternal consolation to those who are mourning, those experiencing difficulty, sorrow and unjustly treated by depriving them their means of lifely hood, (especially around our Orsu and our Orlu areas) they will be comforted beyond people’s imagination.

(3) Be active in the good fight of faith by showing mercy to the Lazarus around you. Our God in heaven is seeing everything we are doing as He saw what the Dives was doing when he was alive.
(4) Shun I don’t care attitude in every thing you are doing in this world. If it doesn’t concern you today (on earth), it will surely concern you tomorrow (in the next world) If God has blessed you, bless others. Avoid being selfish. Don’t be like the rich man (Dives) in today’s Gospel.

Have a blessed New week! May God continue to give us grace to avoid selfishness and to overcome the sins of omission, through Christ our Lord, Amen!

Udo nke Chineke dịrị anyị niile!

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