THEME: Recall God’s presence in dealing with life situations.

BY: Fr. Francis Onwunali.



In the Liturgy today, we celebrate the Memorial of St. Dominic. Dominic hailed from the illustrious Guzman family in Castile, Spain and was born in 1175. He founded the Order of Preachers- Dominicans, and vigorously fought the Albigensian heresy of Dualism. According to Roman Martyrology, “By his word, he crushed heresy in the bud and led many souls to piety and religious life”.

The readings of today admonish us not to dwell in our confusion in life, but to always recall God’s presence in dealing with life situations. In the gospel (Matt. 17: 22-27), the disciples of Jesus were so confused and overwhelmed with the message of Jesus’ impending death. If such could be the fate of their Master, what then will theirs be? However, Jesus did what is impossible in human thinking to prove to them that nothing is impossible for God- taking out money from the mouth of fish to pay their taxes.

In the first reading (Ezk 1: 2-5, 24-28), prophet Ezekiel, the first Prophet during the Babylonia exile, reassured the Isrealites who were saddened by the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem that God is in heaven above and is still in control of their lives. In the midst of our confusion in life, we are called to remain focused.

Dear friends, there are times in life we question or doubt God’s presence in our life, either because of what is happening to us or things not going as we planned. God wants us to understand that He is in complete control. We may not fully understand all of God’s action, but we need to have firm trust.

I pray as we journey in life today, we will tune to the positive frequency of God’s ability and eschew all forms of pessimism in our relationship with God. May God continue to strengthen the bars of the gates of our lives (Ps. 147: 13). Have a trust-full day.

Fr. Francis Onwunali

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