HOMILY THEME: Three Persons in One God

By: Fr Unachukwu Cyril CCE


Today we celebrate one of the most distinguishing aspects of our faith, the Most Holy Trinity. That in God, there are three Divine Persons, distinct and inseparably united, equal in majesty, honour, glory and power, but they are not three gods, they are One God. On the Trinity, “one can only but be humble to realize that one knows so little and be simple in explaining the little one knows.” May God always give us the humility of the mind and the simplicity of the faith to wholeheartedly accept His self revelation of Himself to us; Amen.

God is a community of three Divine Persons and He is the source of everything, “maker of all things, visible and invisible.” Everything that is created has its origin in the Trinity and must have an imprint of the Trinity. This imprint is our mark of authenticity; it is God’s mark of ownership and should be reflected in our actions and choices. Just like in God we have three unique and distinct Persons, so also God created us unique and distinct in our own different ways. Also, just like these three Persons are inseparably united in the One Divine Essence, so also we are invited to live after the image and example of our common origin.

An aspect of the Trinity that we need to live out in the world is this community consciousness. Our source of existence is a Community of Three Persons, and together in the One God, they hold all things in being. This is really manifested in the First Reading (Ex 34:4-6, 6-9), the Second Reading (2 Cor 13:11-13) and in the Gospel Reading (John 3:16-18) in which God, acting in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit continued to sustain the created order and to save us from damnation.

The world is facing different challenges because of the forgetfulness of this imprint and image of God in us. Every part of the globe is experiencing this eclipse of community mindedness, both in the Church and in the secular society, in the family and in the different communities. Our God is a community of Persons and He created us, not only to live our unique and distinct identities but also to live and exist as a community and also to work together to sustain this community.

The struggle for self determination should never

be sort in a mood and with a method that can

only lead to self disintegration and self

destruction. Self determination that is not

understood with a mindset of the community, as

a synthesis of unique and distinct entities that

must be united, is not rooted in God and can

only but be counterproductive. There is need for

this community consciousness deeply expressed

in the Trinitarian lifestyle, for where the Father

is, there is the Son and the Holy Spirit. The

same also with the Son and with the Holy Spirit.

The ability to live with this consciousness of the

whole indeed is the true manifestation of the

imprint of the Trinity in us. This makes us true

sons and daughters of God.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love

of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be

with you and open our minds and hearts to think

community always; Amen. Happy Trinity Sunday;

Fr Cyril CCE

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