Homily for Tuesday of the 5th Week of Lent (3)

Homily for Tuesday of the 5th Week of Lent

Theme: Jesus predicts His death on the cross

By: Deacon Bill Frere

Homily for Tuesday April 5 2022

Gospel – John 8:21-30

One of the absolute worst days of my life was the day my dad died. It was sudden, unexpected, heartbreaking! It felt like the world had suddenly stopped turning! And I can only imagine how much worse it was for my Mom to lose her best friend, her spouse of so many years, to feel so completely alone and lost

You know that day, that absolute worst day of your life, when everything fell apart, when you felt completely alone and abandoned? Remember that day when you knew all hope was lost and things would never be the same again? Remember that day you knew would be your last, that day that you were convinced you would never survive? And yet, here you are! Got through it, didn’t you? Made it to the next day, didn’t you? How the heck did that happen? Did it all happen on your own?

Jesus tells the Pharisees that He is going to die on the cross. He predicts His own death, a horrible, painful death, a death weighed down by the sins of humanity. And yet, He trusts in God. He sees beyond death to the Resurrection when He says “The one who sent me is with me; He has not left me alone.”

God knows we are tired, He knows these days are difficult and seemingly hopeless. But He reminds us, through Jesus’ words, that we are not alone!! Trust! Believe!

Deacon Bill Frere


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