BY: Fr. Benny Tuazon


HOMILY: (Mk. 6:45-52)

In today’s Gospel, we have the sequel to the multiplication of the loaves.

This time, the disciples went on a boat ride leaving Jesus on the shore. The disciples encountered rough sailing by being tossed about while rowing through a strong wind. Jesus walked towards them and when they saw Him, they were terrified. Jesus identified Himself and told them not to be afraid for it was Him they are seeing. Then, the wind died down. It is interesting that Mark noted by the end of this Gospel that they who had witnessed the feeding of the five thousand did not understood it and now, the pacifying of the wind by Jesus had left them astounded and developed hardened hearts!

Why? Because they suddenly did not know who Jesus is. They had left everything, their families, homes, land and livelihood believing Jesus was the Messiah. They had their own idea of the Messiah. The multiplication of the loaves had not sunk in them. How can five loaves and two fish be more than enough for five thousand people? And who was this who can walk on water and made the wind die down? Later, after everything had happened, things became clearer.

We know the whole story. Our generation is graced with the fact that Jesus who was foretold to be the Messiah, proved Himself to be the Messiah. We have no reason to doubt that. The Jews were in a more difficult situation. Maybe that is the reason why many Jews were still waiting for the Messiah. But not for us. The Messiah had come and we ought to recognize and follow what He commanded.

However, the way many of us live today, it seems that the Messiah had not yet come. We live as if there will always be tomorrow, judgment day is not forthcoming, or God will be sending another. We procrastinate a lot in our lives specially our reconciliation with God. The devils’s favourite temptation is always effective, “Do not hurry! There is always time!” Before we know it, we are already caught in our own lack of alacrity.

Just like what Jesus said when He launched His ministry, “Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand!” There is no time to harden our hearts.

Repentance is now, here, and you.

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