BY: Fr. Christian Eze



First reading – 2 Sam 7:1-5. 8-12.14. 16
Second reading – Rom. 16:25-27 Gospel – Lk. 1:26-38

The event of the Annunciation which was the gospel reading today is full of mysteries. Little wonder it became the first Joyful mystery when we pray the Rosary. Mary was presented with the difficult task – “You are to conceive {without the natural way of conception} and bear a son” (Lk 1:31); something that never happened in human history, something that seemed to be an impossibility in the eyes of men. Yet, she took it calmly and said “I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me according to your words” (Lk. 1:38). I suppose what gave Mary the courage to say this was the assurance from the angel Gabriel in the verse that preceded it: …for nothing is impossible to God. (Lk. 1:37). Mary trusted in the God of history who “has shown the power of His arm” – the canticle of Mary (Lk.1:51).

Sometimes in our lives, we face difficulties which would seem impossible to us. How would it sound in your ears to be told you would still bear a child at the age of forty five? Your doctor would laugh at you. Would you not yell IMPOSSIBLE if you are told you would get a job after eight years of your NYSC? You might even quarrel with anyone who would bring you the news that a wonderful suitor is coming your way now that you are already fifty.

But one thing is clear; our God is a God of surprises. Taking a biblical tour, we note so many who have encountered God in such unbelievable words given to them. It is a test of faith given to them. The first among this was Abraham, our father in faith. Abraham was still childless when God promised to make his descendant as many as the stars in the heaven Gen. 15: 5-6. And when the time came in gen 18:10-15, Sarah could not believe this word; because it sounded absurd to her. Just as Mary trusted that God’s decision is the best, we can also see willingness in Abraham to rely on the decision made by God. When in chapter 22 Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son, he did not ask God what about his promise? He believed that God never lies. Other such acts include the Zeraphat woman and the oil – 1 kg 17: 7-16, the Shunemite woman and Elisha 2 kg 4: 16-17. We cannot forget the event of Lk 1:13-20 Zachariah and Elizabeth.

Whenever you find it very hard to believe God due to the pains you are passing through, check it up how many times it is emphasized that nothing is impossible for Him to do for you – Gen 18:14; Jer 32:27, 32:17; Zech 8:6; Matt. 19:26.

Think about the many wonders He has worked for you in the past, or for someone you might know. For me, each time I recall how he got me out of a fatal accident unhurt, I do not doubt that Daniel was really unhurt from the lion’s den. And I trust He can do even greater things than that for me. He is still that same God. He never changes.

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