HOMILY Theme: That the power of God will be made manifest

By: Fr Justin Nzekwe

HOMILY : Many things that happen in our lives happen for a purpose. Nothing happens in vain. The universe belongs to God and God controls it. This is a fact that we find very difficult to accept as humans. We often want to find out the cause of every ill that happens in our lives and society, and we often attribute it to something in order to quench our thirst for answers. The disciples of Jesus inquired from him to know if the blindness of the man born blind (as recorded in the gospel of today), was as a result of the sin of the man, or that of his parents. Their question invites us to consider these two more questions:

1. How possibly can this man sin before birth?

2. Have the prophet Ezekiel (18:2-4) not clarify it before now that no longer shall the parents eat a fruit and it sets the teeth of the children on edge?

Jesus quickly answered the question. It was neither the sin of the man nor that of the parents that made him blind, but so that the power of God will be manifested.

In the first reading, God decided not to choose from the seven/eight sons of Jesse who can easily be predicted to have some royal qualities. Samuel had almost fallen for Eliab as the one befitting for the throne. But God told him not to judge by beauty and height because Eliab obviously was not the one God chose.

Many people go about ‘prayer houses’ seeking for the cause of their problems. However, it is not the cause that matters, but the solution, which lies in accepting Jesus in your life, so that the power of God may manifest in your life situations. Jesus asked the healed blind man later on, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” We all need to answer this question in our lives independently. Do we actually believe?

When you believe in Jesus just like the second reading tells us, it means that you are in the light. Because light brings out goodness, righteousness and truth. It makes the power of God to manifest in your life. And when the power of God manifests, you will quickly discover as presented in the readings of today that:

1. It might not take strict rules: The power of God can manifest through the sacraments. Jesus used his spittle mixed with sand to rub on the eyes of the blind man, and asked him to wash at the pool of Siloam.

2. Nothing stops the power of God: Though Jesus saw the blind man on a sabbath, yet he healed him to manifest God’s power. Maybe as a way of distracting the Pharisees, he decided not to bring an instant healing on the man rather he sent him to Siloam so that the man would be healed where there was no crowd.

3. It makes people who have our blessings restless: Samuel refused to sit or eat until David was anointed.

4. God impacts his Spirit on the one: Immediately after David was anointed, the Spirit of God rested on him, and remain in him from then on.

Sin is the only hinderance to God’s manifestation of his power in our lives. Sometimes our sins make us spiritually blind like the Pharisees. Jesus came so that the physically blind may see, while those who see but are obstinate in their crooked ways may spiritually go blind. It is our choice to accept Jesus and he will restore our sight and make his power manifest in our lives. And may God meet you at the point of your need.


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