Theme: I shall be filled, when I awake, with the sight of your glory, Oh Lord.

“I shall be filled, when I awake, with the sight of your glory, Oh Lord.” One common desire of every living creature is to be satisfied of many of our heart’s longings. Some of these longings are indeed praiseworthy and noble whereas others are disgraceful and mundane. To awake with the sight of God’s glory is the most certain secret to satisfy our praiseworthy and noble intents! May you awake in His sight and may you be filled with the good things that come from Him; Amen. ”

To awake “with the sight of God’s glory” means to keep before us always the commandment and promises of God to us; especially the promise of Eternal Life. This eternal life is the life which the dawn of the resurrection from the dead will bestow on every soul that kept sight of God’s glory. Without this Eternal Life, without the certainty of the resurrection from the dead, our faith and the practice of it will be meaningless and empty. The death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is a clear affirmation of this truth. The Holy Writ made it clearest, “if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain” (1Co 15:14).

Jesus Christ cleared the confusion of the Sadducees about this truth of our faith in the Gospel Reading of today (Luke 20:27-38). The modern world is filled with neo-types of the Sadducees. Those who want to make us believe that life is all about here and now. They fill us with many wrong and outrageous ideologies and encourage us to savour destructive proclivities of life. One of their deadliest weapons is to make us believe that every bit of our desires must be satisfied; even those that subject us to a status below that of animals. They forget that the true heaven-bound desires and ambition which God has placed in us can only be achieved by our daily and consistently awaking with the sight of God’s glory. The sight of God’s promises and eternal dwelling in our heavenly homeland.
The story of the seven brothers with their mother in the Second Reading (2 Maccabees 7:1-2; 9-14) is a clear example of what each and every one of us is facing! Modern Sadducees with many deceptive theories, like the King in the First Reading, will do everything possible to force us to lose sight of God’s glory which is the principal stimulant to every desire to be holy. Can you be as firm as these brothers in focusing on God’s promises; in awaking everyday with the sight of His glory; and in keeping the demands of His promises? My Dear, to say that it is easy would be deceptive, seeing the test of faith, the psychological and physical tortures these brothers underwent together with their Mum. To say that it is not possible would be more catastrophic because that would be making God who has promised us that “my grace is enough for you” (2 Cor 12:9) a liar.

May the grace of God keep you focused on and undistracted from the sight of His glory now and always; Amen. Happy Sunday;

-Fr. Cyril Unachukwu

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