BY: Fr. Benny Tuazon

(Mt. 13:44-46)
In today’s Gospel Jesus gives the parable of the found buried treasure and the pearl of great price. The parables give the message that what we find to be of great importance to us must be acquired at whatever cost. We must be willing to sell everything and do everything to have them. For us, our pearl of great price is the Kingdom, eternal life, that is, to be with God.

It boils down to what we regard as most important to us. What is our pearl of great price? When we had determined that, we plan and aspire to attain it.

Our human experience witness to this. Parents are willing to sacrifice by leaving their families to work abroad in order to provide better lives. Nights are made days, sacrifices are welcomed, and prides are eaten just to reach goals. Human capacities respond to the challenge of obtaining the pearl of great price.

I know a history teacher who dreamed of experiencing and exploring Europe for her self fulfillment and expertise in her teaching career. She saved for about twenty years to gather the needed amount. She fulfilled her dream. “Kung gusto, lahat paraan.”

Love stories tell the same message. We have heard of romantic pronouncements like: “You are my life!”, “I cannot live without you.”, “I will do everything for you.” “Life has no meaning without you.” Of course, they are idioms and sayings to express great love. They sound sweet and heavenly. Jesus tells us to be the same to God. The story of Solomon’s choice in the first reading is enlightening. God gave him the opportunity to wish for something. Of all the possible choices, he elected the gift understanding, the capacity to discern, to know what is right and wrong, in other words, WISDOM! God praised him. He could have asked for a long life, riches, or the death of his enemies. Wisdom, he knew will give him everything. For to choose the good means to be of God who is all Good!

Today’s world is also obsessed with the good. At least three goods come to mind: look good, feel good, and to have all the goods. Much money, time, and effort had been given on how one looks like fair skin, having the right curves in the right places, weight, and abs. Image is important. This concern is not anymore for movie stars and politicians. It has become everyone’s concern. Others seek to feel good always. The advent of social media had many revealing their aching for recognition. Paramihan ng like and shares for anything they post. The need to boost one’s ego affected many. Lastly, the need to have as many riches, power, and fame also ranks high. People find satisfaction and contentment in worldly things. Jesus has something to say on this, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but suffers the lost of his own soul?” The story of the rich young man who sought eternal life comes to mind. Jesus asked him to sell everything and follow him. The man went away sad. He could not follow Jesus. His riches was just too much. It turns out that eternal life is just one of the things he wanted, not his most wanted. Am sure Jesus was also sad for him. So, what is your most wanted possession? What good do you seek? Let it be The Good who is God.

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