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Often, I contemplate on the mystery of God’s holiness and the beauty and wonder of His universe which in my understanding are one and the same.

God so high and mighty yet closer than a friend. God’s transcendence and immanence eludes fathoming. The Shepherd who is also the Lamb. The Holy God of heaven and the humble man who took away my sin at Calvary; one and the same.
Who are my that my Creator and King should be mindful of me; making me little less than a god and crowning me with glory and honour?

How shall I begin to exalt the God who is beyond my understanding? What can I offer to God that would please Him?
If I write and sing a million songs, will it ever be enough? Marvellous and magnificent God, what can I bring to you for everything you have given to me?
Although my life is even your gift to me; I offer it with gratitude to your majesty to do with me whatever you will.
Thank you Lord! Love.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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