How to engage in a Courtship

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Never compare your girlfriend with another, you disvalue her Uniqueness when you engage in comparison.

The reason why you have her in your life is because you prefer her to your Ex and you have the intention to marry her in a Christian way. Therefore everything about your Ex should be in the past, focus on your present which is her.

Making available her request or need is good but making it available before she asks is the best.

Money is good, but money is not everything in a relationship or courtship. A girlfriend you give more of your attention and time will understand when you do not have.

To keep your girlfriend, you must form the habit of making her smile. Laugh and play with her. Over-seriousness does not guarantee a successful relationship.

To keep your girlfriend, you must form the habit of reducing the burning desire or urge for sex. Respect her body, and avoid using sex as a bait to settle your conflicts.

To keep your girlfriend, let her opinion also count. She is the one you are courting, not your sisters or outsiders.

To keep your girlfriend, you must understand the role of communication and understanding in a relationship. Distance is never a barrier where communication is the primus.

Love is a beautiful thing but you must know who you are and what you want in other to keep your girlfriend.

– Jerry Iwu.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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