We often thank God for all He has done for us and for all He is going to do for us. So beautiful it is when often we thank God for His past, present and future faithfulness with relation to what He has done for us or given to us.

We hardly thank God for what He has not done for us. Have you ever thanked God for not giving you this or that for which you earnestly sought His face? God for many is unfaithful because He has not worked according to our thought and way. What an error for which we have often failed to thank God!

It may seem strange but we should learn to thank God also for what He has not done and He may not do for us. That which God has not done and may not do for us will not bring us joy if it were to have been done or will be done for us. Thanking God for what He has done and what He has not done is the true expression of our faith, hope and love towards God.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, CM.

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