INSTRUMENT OF PEACE (In honour of St. Francis of Assisi)

The peace within and outside him could be likened to the calmness of a sea after great turbulence and the scene of white cows grazing on a meadow.

A lover and friend of nature. Even plants and animals loved him much. In every created thing he saw God’s hand. No need ill treat but to love and cherish even the tinest of creation.

Simple and humble man. Holy man who considered himself unworthy. Left worldly possessions and became a mendicant urged by the love of the crucified Lord.

Preached the Jesus with his life and used words when necessary.An instrument of peace. Showed love in the presence of hatred. Sought more to understand than to be understand.

In a world full of hatred and division, may St. Francis of Assisi intercede for us that God may make us instruments of His peace.


-Fr Augustine Abiagom

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