Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis:

You’re guilty!

You’re guilty of being a man and not being a Saint!

You are guilty because you have the humility to accept that you are wrong and ask forgiveness. And that for many, is unacceptable.

You’re a canonist, and an example for us.
You’re guilty because you abandoned the tradition of living in palaces and choosing to live modestly.

Guilty because you left a church adorned with gold and silver and went to the poverty slums, of prisons, orphanages, nursing homes and recovery houses to bring the joy of Christ.

You’re guilty! because you’ve stopped kissing the ” Perfumed ” Feet of the “princes of the church“, their eminences and kiss the dirty ” Feet of convicts, women, patients and people of other faiths.

You are condemned because you opened the doors to the ” remarried ” and because in the face of painful and pending themes you simply answer, ” who am I to judge”

You are condemned because you assume your fragility, asking us to pray for you, when many require you to be dogmatic, intolerant and stern.

You’re guilty of so many things and many so-called ” infidels “, ” excommunicated ” and ” unclean ” have rediscovered the beautiful face of Christ tenderness and mercy.

You’re guilty because ” you call things by names ” and don’t forget to remind bishops that they’re not palace shepherds but people with ” smell of sheep “.

Guilty because you’ve torn the pages of intolerance, the barren and merciless morals and offered us the beauty of compassion, tenderness and mercy.

You’re guilty of wanting to carry the church cross instead of looking away, being indifferent to the pain and tears of the poor, vulnerable and weak of our time.

You are guilty because you cannot stand the heinous crimes made in the name of God and those who speak of God but live against him.

Guilty because you seek truth and justice, embraced by mercy, instead of silencing, hiding, minimizing or ignoring.

You are guilty because you stopped wanting a church of the privileged and of privileges, of glories and the worldly and teach us the strength of service, the wealth of the heart and the greatness of simplicity.

Pope Francis let them blame you for these “crimes”. You know that by your side there are countless men and women who, like you, are not angels, are fragile, sinners, waiting for Christ to look after us and us.

You know that with you is a huge “procession” of hearts that for you pray every moment, for you would give their ears , follow you like sheep who trust the pastor.

It was Christ who put you at the helm of this ship that is the church.
It is Christ who will give you the strength to pursue this path of “humility ” that you have done so well to show the world and to the church by example .

Dear Pope Francis thank you for being blamed for the beauty of the church dreamed by Jesus.

  • Father António Teixeira



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