JOB VERSUS HOME: A message to the married and those preparing to get married.

Dear, lots of marriages and families have been ruined and many more are on the verge of perdition. Why should you place anything before the loving marriage and family that God has given to you?

Your job is meant to help make life comfortable for your family and not to destroy it. A job that gives you no time for wife, husband, children is not worth it at all no matter how much it brings.

Some are married but job/profession has divorced them secretly without official file for divorce or public knowledge. Husband is in the States, wife in Nigeria. They only get to see once in two years creating room for infidelity and all sorts of nonsense that should not be imagined.

So many of our kids lack morals because the parents who are the first instructors are not there to impact good moral principles into them. Where do we go from here?

Your job or your marriage and family, which should come first? Think about it!


– Fr Augustine Abiagom

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