The Joy that Christ Gives

There is great joy in knowing that we are in a state of grace and Jesus is happy with us. After receiving the Eucharist this joyful feeling abounds because we know that Jesus sleeps soundly in our hearts.

The joy that Christ gives is so great. Nothing can take it away from us except sin. Even in times of tribulation God blesses us with this profound joy. So that no matter what trial we face, the joy of the Lord remains our strength. It keeps us going. The joy is there because God is present. Because the creator of heaven and earth is in our hearts; because our hearts have ben united with His own sacred heart. Who wouldn’t be joyful?

The Blessed Virgin experienced this joy too. Asides being completely united with God from conception, God came to save the world through her. He dwelt in her womb for nine months and suckled her breasts as a child. God found her worthy enough to groom and nurture Him into manhood. What a great joy that must have been. Waking up every morning and knowing that your God came down to earth through your womb. What great humbling joy that must have been.

Although her heart was, and remains sorrowful because of the pains of her son and the sin of mankind, no sorrow can take away the joy that God gives. Her sorrow is one of love, not of despair.

May the blessed Virgin fill our hearts with the holy joy that God’s presence gives. Amen

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