On several occasions, I’ve met new couples beginning a new home with wonderful disposition and preparation. I’ve also met young youths who are pairing together to build a sound relationship.

I’ve visited a home where they had built a strong house for their living. All these are mostly associated to the joy of having a new thing begun.

The Church and the state are two separated institutions but incorporated to regulate and enforce laws where it ought to be.

Why they are two different spheres is because they have different programme run in the the various bodies.

Although they are twin-like, that’s none can work without each other, but hence Church doesn’t have government official like the state too doesn’t have ecclesiastical hierarchy. This singularly distinguishes them.
However they have obviously ways by which they make out time and opportunity to teach and instruct their members. The Church begins a new year irrespective of the fact that the state doesn’t follow suit. It doesn’t in anyway affect the programme of the state.

Today is the beginning of the expectation of Christ. On a reason best know to Church they named it “Advent” which means the preparation of the coming of the new born Christ.

May the joy of this celebration never elude our different families. Let the light of the new beginning and new cycle continue to radiate in our lives.

Happy Sunday good people!

-Princewell Okwuoha.

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