Persistence; Key to Achieving Our Desired Goals

Despite the uncertainties in our lives and our future, we are still filled with dreams and aspirations. Although we know very little about what is in store for us in the future, we still have high hopes that we would achieve certain goals.

In reality, this should actually be our attitude towards life. Despite the uncertainties, we ought to set goals for ourselves and look forward to achieving them.

Goals are very important to be successful. Everyone wants to be rich and successful but very few people have a clearly defined path they would like to pass through to attain the success they so desire.

Goals! Goals! Goals!

This should be our attitude towards life. Setting goals and working towards achieving them.

Challenges would definitely come. But they should not deter us from our objectives. They should only make us more determined to succeed.

We should be mindful however, that our efforts and determination are nothing if God is not by our side. In all that we do, we should confide in Jesus. “Cast your cares unto the Lord and he will sustain you” Psalm 55:22. Just like children, we are called to confide in God always. When anything worries us, when we are delighted, when we are afraid, always confide in Jesus. This way we know that he is with us and he would never forsake us. We shouldn’t be like false Christians who only run to Jesus when they are in trouble and forget him when they are joyful.

As God’s children, we ought to serve as a light to others. We are called to set big goals for ourselves and achieve them. Let others, seeing your success, desire to do it your way, through the grace of Jesus.

Let’s contribute to the economy of our country. Start businesses, gain skills and render services, start charity organizations that would relieve the sufferings of the poor. Make an impact in the world. Start gradually. With God by your side, you’ll come out big and successful.

Those who trust in the lord are like mount Zion which can never be shaken. Psalm 125: 1. With God on our side, we can do all things. Never be afraid of setting the goals that you desire. No matter how big, just start small, have a clearly defined path. Trust in God’s grace and you’ll achieve all that you desire and even more.

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