Lent, the season of love

Today, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of lent. Lent is a forty days period of prayer, fasting, and abstinence, in commemoration of the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation.

During lent, we remember the suffering and death of our Lord, and we bring to mind the many times we have forsaken Him. We pray and fast in reparation for the many sins we have committed against Him, making sacrifices and putting in efforts to love him truly.

During lent, we express our love for Jesus by giving up certain pleasures for the sake of love for Him. These sacrifices could be certain foods, acts of charity, certain modes of prayer, or clothing; it could be anything at all which would make us a bit uncomfortable. During lent, we offer these comforts to Jesus that his sorrowful heart may be pleased.

For some people, these acts of sacrifices are offered every day except Sundays. While for others, they offer these sacrifices every Friday; but for most Catholics, we acknowledge Christ’s passion and death, and work hard to atone for it during lent.

Lent is a period for us to look into ourselves, evaluate our lives, and make amends to please the Lord who suffered and died for us. Lent is a period for us to live as true Christians, rather than live as Judas who betrayed his master.

The season of lent calls us to wake up and live our Christian vocations to the fullest for the sake of Christ who suffered and died for us.

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