LET GO AND LET GOD: A Reflection on forgiveness.

LET GO AND LET GOD: A Reflection on forgiveness.

There are many areas in our lives in which we need to let go and let God. However, there is a particular area in the lives of many a people that has become so darkened and incapable of receiving light sequel of the blatant refusal of the persons involved to letting go of the petals of darkness preventing the penetration of light therein.

Once encountered a sick woman bed ridden in a hospital in Lagos. Hankering to knowing the result of her prognosis, I was reliably informed by herself that nothing was found to be the cause of her ill health. I asked her if she has bitterness in her heart towards anyone and she said YES. By the help of the Holy Spirit, I made her see reasons through the Scriptures why she has to let go by FORGIVING her offenders. The woman shedding tears humbly granted her offenders forgiveness and the miracle of forgiveness brought that woman an instantaneous healing to the glory of God.

Hatred, unforgiveness and acrimony towards oneself or another self is worse than Cancer. What mistake have you made in life that has made you hate yourself? What injury has “he” or “she” or “they” inflicted on you that has made you vow an eternal hatred concerning the offender(s)?

Remember the way GOD forgives us and wipes clean the records of our uncleanlinesses. Forgive yourself and the other person(s) and you will live in the freedom that truly liberates.

Happy Sunday dear friend.
Fr Augustine Abiagom, CM.

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