Let This Serve As An Awakening

Prior to their finding the star, they went about their usual business unaware that a great thing had just happened to mankind. That star served an awakening

Through the bright star, the Magi found out that a king had been born and they followed that star till they finally found the king and paid him homage. Prior to their finding the star, they were going about their usual business. Unaware that a great thing had just happened to mankind. That star served as an awakening and guide to them.

We too sometimes go about our daily lives thinking everything is fine when in reality, we are missing out on so much grace and inner peace. And until we find a source of enlightenment to wake us up to the truth, we remain there, in the darkness of ignorance and sin.

Some of us just live normal lives with neither hot nor cold spirituality. We know and supposedly believed in God, but do not really abide in Him, neither do we consciously and faithfully observe His teachings. And until God sends an instrument to wake us up, we remain there… neither hot nor cold.

Let this serve as an awakening call to you. The journey to meet Jesus is not so easy. The devil is jealous of you and would do everything possible to steal God’s kingdom away from you. Sit up and defeat him. If you’re lukewarm you aren’t doing so well. Stand up and pray. Be more conscious that you’re running a race. And the only way you can be victorious is by the power of God’s grace.

The grace of Jesus abounds in a holy soul. A soul pure and free from sin. Throw away whatever draws you away from Jesus. It is not worth it. Holiness is very important. A holy man is invincible to the devil. Let this be an awakening. Follow the star. Listen to the voice of Jesus. The three wise men listened and followed the star obediently and eventually, they met Christ and paid homage to Him. You too listen to the voice of Jesus calling you. God has prepared a place in heaven for us already. Don’t get lost in the waves and pleasures of this earth and miss out on something so great.

We are called to follow the star today. Look for the star in the church and within your very selves. Follow the church’s teachings, look within yourselves and ask certain questions. Decide today to live only for Jesus. Let your life become a bright star which many can follow. Allow God use you for His holy purposes.

Rebuke every spirit of laziness. Sit up and pray. Praise God in your prayers. Glorify Him and speak blessings into your life. When a holy soul prays, God listens. He doesn’t just listen, He delights in the prayers of a holy soul. It pleases Him and makes Him happy. God’s grace abounds in holiness. In holiness, you would achieve whatever you set out to achieve.

Decide to follow the star today. Don’t get lost in this world which holds nothing for you. Strive to meet our Lord. He awaits you in heaven. May God help us with the grace to abide in Him always through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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