Living an Exemplary Life as a Christian

As Christians, we are all called to serve as a light to others. This entails being a source of inspiration to others so that they can learn from you to be good Christians.

A lot of Christians are not actually burdened with this responsibility as nobody actually expects so much from them. For some other people however, everyone who approaches them begins to look up to them as a mentor. Most people hold them in high regard and expect them to be nothing but the best Christians.

The truth is that everyone on earth is struggling to attain perfection. No one is actually perfect. The holiest man you see anywhere today is fighting one temptation or another, He too has flaws.

Being in such a position is really tiring. The expectations from others can be so choking and overwhelming but then we are called to be the light of the world; as It’s easier to learn from the life of people than to learn from hours of preaching.

Paul threw more light on this when he said “So then, if food makes a believer sin, I will never eat meat again, so as not to make a believer fall into sin” 2 Cor 8: 13

This should be the attitude of Christians who have people looking up to them. Even when certain things are not really sin, we just ought to be careful and ensure that we do not pass the wrong message to others.

No matter how hard it is, always remember that you have people looking up to you.


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