Have you ever been asked to move without been sure of the next destination? Movement is easier when you know where you are going. However, moving to an unknown destination may not be fun.

Abraham was asked to move and he moved not knowing where exactly he was going. One may wonder how possible it was for him to leave his father’s house and country for the land that would be shown him.

The movement into the unknown is often very obscure. The obscurity of the unknown movement may cause fear and useless anxiety. Hence, take one step at a time; courage and trust in the one who asked one to begin the move into the unknown is expedient for the success of the movement.

For every unknown movement initiated by God, there is a Star in the Sky. The wise men from the east saw the Star which brought them to the very presence of the KING who knows the beginning and end of every movement into the known and unknown.

Look at the Star in the Sky when the door to movement into the unknown is open before you. Never remove your eyes from it. The journey may not be clear to you now. Great journeys are often not clear at the start. But as you step into the journey of the unknown destination, following the injunction of the Most Excellency, and moving with faith; you will ever be grateful you made the journey.

It’s been a while.


– Abiagom Augustine cm

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