When 14th Feb turned out to be Ash Wednesday alot of people wondered about the possibility of the marriage of Valentine’s love and the Ash of penitence.

Waking from sleep this morning as I pondered on the nature of this day, the thought of “Love in the Ash” filled my heart and mind.

Love in the way it is understood and practised by many today is far from what love truly stands for. Love has been given a wicked and selfish face in today’s world. Why is this so? True love comes from God. If we do not love God, we cannot love one another sincerely. Today, as we begin our 40 days journey with the Lord in the wilderness, the ash reminds us of the need to return to God through genuine repentance. The Ash is symbol of our humility before God. A proud heart cannot love God and man.

Today’s Valentine on Ash Wednesday is a call to love truly in humility and sincerity God and our neigbhour as ourselves. Wishing you a grace filled Lenten Season and alot of Love as well.

Fr. Abiagom Augustine CM


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