Some economists define money with relation to that which it can purchase. In the human world, money often buys relationship, position and power, fame and wealth.

Can one acknowledge the usefulness of money without loving money? What does the love of money imply? Is money evil?

In my understanding, the “need” of money acknowledges the usefulness of money while the “want” of money indicates the love of money. To love money is to become a slave to money. When one becomes a slave to money, one could do anything immoral for money. Those who love money justify the end by the means.

Love of money causes blood shed, character assasination, division in families, denial of truth, betrayal of the highest order and anything outside good one can ever think of or imagine. We must not forget dear friends that we brought nothing into this world and we shall go with nothing when death knocks at the door, but our faith and good works.

Money is not evil in itself. But the “love of money” the living Word of God says; “is the root of all evil.”

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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