Advent is an expectant wait for the coming of Jesus Christ.

It is a hopeful time of labour to prepare the way for the Lord.

The preparation that sweeps through us physically and spiritually.

As a pregnant mother engages in thorough preparation as she awaits an eventual arrival of

the new born baby. In same vain, we are called to be ready as a country, state, province waits a

joyful visitations of a President, Pope or our highly respected guest which engages everything

about us.

On that line of thought, we can understand why a VOICE was crying in the desert ” prepare the

way for the Lord, Make it straight”. Make low any mountainous height in your life to welcome the king of glory. Mountain in your life is anything

that constitutes obstacle for the good of the soul; such as all evil and wicked habits ;anger, envy, jealousy, gossip, hatred, dissension, in moral attitudes.

Holding onto these,make you incapable of receiving him as a new born king.

The real test of joyful and sweet celebration lies on our sincere sacrifice in preparing for that celebration.

The joy of Christmas lies in true personal tide-up of oneself, physically and spiritually.

PHYSICALLY: We need to appear neat with sweet smell, have our homes retouched and decorated with the best according to one’s standard.

SPIRITUALLY: It is another veritable time to go for Christmas Confession and have all our evil deeds offloaded which leads to interpersonal reconciliation to be in peace with everyone.

These sets us free and set to welcome Christ in our lives uncontaminated as the “VOICE” cries for the “WORD”.

Wishing you joyful expectant hope of the season.

You are the best!

-Fr Boniface Ogbonna

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