Many Christians Know Christ but Very Few Obey Him

Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” Matt 7: 21. Yes there are many Christians, many people believe in Christ, many people have accepted Him, but very few obey him.

These days the number of churches in the country surpasses even the number of schools and other businesses.  The most corrupt countries are also paradoxically the most religious ones.

When sick people approach us we quickly reply; “may God heal you” whereas all he really needs is a little love and medications.

Most organisations routinely hold morning prayers and devotions. However, in the course of their businesses, a lot of fraud and deception occur.

Christianity isn’t just a name. It isn’t just an organisation. It is a belief, a way of life.

A true Christian is a faithful Christian. He lives solely on the teachings of his master – Jesus. A true Christian sees Jesus in the eyes of people around him so he is never unfair and treats them justly.

A true Christian understands that God hates sin. He hates sin because sin only destroys us and reduces us to animals when in reality, we are God’s children. Heirs of God’s throne.

A true Christian understands that God is everywhere and He can see even our innermost thoughts, and as a sign of love and respect for him, this true Christian hates sin and every other thing that offends God.

A true Christian understands that we are nothing without God. Just as it took Him nothing to destroy sinful cities in the past, nothing stops him from withdrawing certain gifts from as he so desires.

The owners of titanic, after building the powerful ship uttered that “not even God can sink this ship” but God in all his greatness proved to all people living on earth that everything exists because he allows them to.

A true Christian does not need to be dictated what and what not to do. A true Christian knows what is expected of him and does it.


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