Who has never made a mistake and can be certain of a mistake free tomorrow? What is meant by mistake? A mistake is an act or judgement that is misguided or wrong. Ehimelech and Naomi made a mistake following their flauting of the Israelites’ tradition of non inter marriage with “pagan nations” by their consent to their sons marriage of Moabite women…

Have we made a mistake? Yes we all have at one point or another made mistakes. A mistake may have a little or no consequence in one’s life or may have a serious consequence in one’s life. What kind of a mistake or mistakes have we made?

While this reflection does not ask us to go making mistakes, it nevertheless calls our attention to possibility of a “miraculous mistake.” A King David may not have existed but for the “mistake” of Ehimelech and Naomi which led to Boaz and Ruth’s marriage, birth of Obed who beget Jesse who beget David. Jesus Christ is a descendant of David and is called “Son of David.” Imagine how it happened! Don’t kill yourself because of that mistake! God can work miracles with that mistake of yours and mine.

N.B: Keeping you in mind and praying for you.

Fr. Abiagom Augustine CM


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