I woke with this thought today; ‘for all He’s done and for all He’s yet to do…’ This thought thanks God for what he has done and gives an advance thanks to God even for the blessings yet to come, taking cognizance of the truth that all things work together for the good of those who believe.

Sometimes we tend to forget what God has done because of what He is yet to do based on our finite knowledge and understanding. God has done much and we have to keep thanking Him. We must never allow the vision of our unfulfilled dreams to hinder the vision of our dreams already come through.

A man once said; I am finished! Have got no shoes! One day he saw another man who had no legs singing – ‘I have a reason to praise the Lord.’ It then dawned on the former that he has got more reasons to praise the Lord.

Enough of the complaints dear, begin to praise the Lord and experience happiness beyond gold and silver.

I have a reason to praise the Lord. Have you a reason?


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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