At certain times of the year especially during summer, lots of people take leave for several reasons. Underlying the reasons for leave most often is the need for rest.
Rest is necessary for the renewal of strength. However, there is a limit to the rest the world and all it contains can give to us. A very spacious and quality water bed can be soothing for the body but may not still the wanderings of the heart and mind bothered by the vicissitudes of life.

The most needed rest is the rest of the human person’s soul in the presence of the Lord. It is the rest that brings about stillness amidst the storm of the sea and the darkness of the night. The most needed rest; the rest that we get when we come to the Lord with our labours and heavy loads. We experience this rest because the Lord lifts off our shoulders the weight of the load and puts the weight on himself and shares His consoling love with us.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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