A victory calls for celebration. Victory is related to the good. Evil may appear victorious but can never be victorious. Should there be tears in a victorious scene; its tears of joy I should suppose.

The victorious battle at the Forest of Ephraim which saw to the death of Absalom the son of King David became for Israel a victory of mourning. Can a victory that brings sorrow or results in mourning be victory?

Is it possible to struggle, fight, jump across fires and swim across rivers to find a treasure only to behold the treasure and burst into tears of regret? I guess you are hankering to knowing what this writing is about?

When ambition becomes desperate that it uses a person as an object or tool to achieving and justifying selfish ends, a mourning victory is on the way. Unless it comes from the Lord, victory may appear to be victory but will soon be realized to be the worst defeat ever!

I pray that you be enlightened by the Holy Spirit to understand this message.


-Fr Abiagom Augustine cm

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