You must fear the LORD your God and serve Him

Oftentimes, we are tempted to do the things we want regardless of the moral standing behind it. Thoughts like “It’s my life, it’s my body, I’m not hurting anyone” come to play. We forget the part of the bible that says; You must fear the LORD your God and serve Him” Deuteronomy 6:13.

We should begin to look at God differently. God is holy and mighty. The world and everything in it is subject to Him. The entire universe obeys Him. Even the devil trembles before Him. If God decides today that a blind man would see, it will be so. If God says that a rich man would become poor, it will be so. If God says that a man should become great, it will be so. God controls the entire universe. He is mighty and sovereign, no one can play God in your life except God.

Now, if God is this great and mighty, would you not tremble with fear and hurry quickly to please Him? Wouldn’t you rather do things that would make God look at you with pleasure? Oftentimes, God does blesses His children with certain privileges because He is pleased with them.

Although our good deeds should stem plainly from true and fervent love for Jesus, but those who have not learnt to love the Lord should fear Him. Because He is supreme and we are all nothing without Him.

Sins such as; kidnapping, murder, sexual Immoralities etc. are committed out of ignorance of God’s power and justice. A man who fears God would live more cautiously, he would feel guilty at the slightest sin and run to God for forgiveness. A man who fears God understands that you don’t just do things because you feel like doing so, you do things because that’s what God wants. A man who fears God lives more consciously, aware of the implications of each move he makes.

“You shall be holy because I the Lord your God am holy. Leviticus 19: 2” Let this ring in our heads at all times. God is holy, and He expects same from His children (Christians). We ought to live consciously, with fear and tremble for God who is mighty and supreme. Forsake sin, and embrace Christ.

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