In the journey of life there are several journeys to be made. Some of these journeys are necessary but challenging. No wonder not all who began a certain journey reached the journey’s end.

What noble journey have we embarked on in life’s journey? Are there steepy cliffs to climb and rigorous hills to descend in our journey? Has the lofty mountains and the darkness of the forest showed up in our journey? Should we forget about the journey and go back?

Once hand is set on the plough, looking back disqualifies us. When we think of quiting the good mission, there is something we should think about. No sane person begins a journey without a mission guided by a vision. Before deciding to quit, we must think about why we started.

Jesus did not come down from the cross because he actually came to be sacrificed for our salvation out of love. Why should we quit? Why did we start?


Fr. Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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