One of the most preached gospel in the 21st Century is the Prosperity Gospel.

Nearly everyone if not all desire to be prosperous.
What about you?
Does prosperity mean to sleep on gold?

The notion of prosperity shared by many a people today is not distant from sleeping on gold.
Is that your notion dear?

There is an erroneous wide spread notion of prosperity today which largely contributes to the ruin of our nation and world. The battle against bribery and corruption would be futile or vain if the notion of prosperity remains the notion of sleeping on gold.

Unfortunately, an average life style is no longer the taste of many. To live in a good apartment conducive for one’s family, possess a car or two if necessary for mobility, afford good meals, simple and decent clothing, provide good education for the children, pay ones bills and staying free from debt is prosperity enough for any grateful mind.

Today, people desire to build houses on water, fly in private jets, sleep on gold … at the expense of the common good in the name of prosperity.

Prosperity does not mean sleeping on gold, but living a good life that is moderate, simple, beautiful and joyful.

Fr Augustine Abiagom, cm.

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